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The textile curtains are more luxurious and magnificent; they are inclined to the magnificence of the model and accessories hanged on them, such as the poles and ropes, where all accessories are Swiss made and they are preferred to be eye-catching and add more beauty to the place, and the more the layers are, the more their magnificence as well as the model used. There are also curtains designated for the entrances; they must be associated with more beauty than its usual role, and thus we seek to equip them with an ornamented wooden pole and we focus on their accessories and complements more than their benefits as our goal is to beautify the entrance only, and in the case of associate the entrance to the living room, the curtain may rely also on the model in the living room. Your house windows and some doors need curtains to beautify and decorate the rooms and block the sun, keep away the dust and wind, and preserve the privacy of the place, and it is no doubt that the color and models of curtains suitable to you are a process that needs time, research and thinking. The available different designs make the selection task more difficult, but the room decoration and colors the forms of windows help to simplify this task.